Hotel guests often expect minimal wait time and fast check-in service while arriving in the hotel; hotel concierge and front office officers are overwhelmed by the throng of crowd or massive requests at times. Hence, we tailored a smart and interactive solution for a luxury 5-star smart hotel in downtown Singapore:

  • Omnichannel concierge:
    We unify the guests' requests across diverse channels to provide top-notch concierge and guest experience beyond expectation with single-pane management
  • AI and agent Smart Response:
    People nowadays expect instant communication and prefer making inquiries via chat. We made the hotel guests-officer communication easier and more interactive with the Smart persona bot without losing the signature human touch in guest experience.


Due to the mushrooming of myriad stores, shoppers are easily bedazzled by the stores popped up in the mall and find it difficult to locate their desired store. Most of the mall tenants can hardly grab the attention of the targeted shoppers for specific promotions while the mall management find it challenging to tackle the issues faced by both shoppers and tenants. Winimy observes the concerns and presented solution as follow:

  • Omnichannel directory:
    We showcase the related stores that shoppers are searching for and provide the direction through shopper inquiries via chat
  • Accurate wayfinding:
    Our IoT infrastructure enables accurate wayfinding to direct the shoppers to their designated destination conveniently
  • 24/7 AI-automated smart response:
    Interconneted AI-automated persona bot that never sleeps respond instantly to shoppers' inquiries while suggesting relevant on-going promotions for the shoppers

Conversational Marketplace

Modern Yellow Page - conversational marketplace receives high volume of searches and inquiries today. Winimy revolutionise the search, eleviates the pains of searchers and connects the SMEs with the searchers by integrating conversational platform into the marketplace.

  • AI Smart Response:
    Winimy responds to the queries 24/7 at service provider (vendor) level or marketplace level
  • Patented AI technology:
    Winimy can help to launch your next own branded marketplace in web, app, social media and voice assistant deviceds (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Google Home)

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