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Directory Provider/Telco

See Chat, powering directories serving 900,000 local businesses
and growing!

Uniquely Tailored For Directory Providers and e-Commerce

Digital directories and e-commerce powered by See Chat transform business to consumer communication and lead generation with chat and unified social media engagement.

Unified Chat & Leads

Offer ONE portal from which a listed business or seller can handle all chat - from their business website, directory or search engine, Facebook Page or voice assistants. Making it easy for businesses to say hello to consumers whereever they come from!

Increase Revenue

Give a listed business or seller the power to answer questions efficiently and make consumers smile. Help businesses create real-time incentives that increase revenue, customer loyalty, and growth all in one quick message.

Future Ready

Bots, Machine Learning & AI

90% of the consumer queries are repetative or self-service requests. Increase customer service efficiency with automated responses and calendaring solutions.

Voice Assistants

30% of the search by 2020 will happen on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Enable voice assitant interaction and conversational SEO.

Easy Integration

API or Source level integration of chat, payment and search capabilities with existing app and web sites. Supports both your customer service and listed business or seller.

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Global directories powered by See Chat, serving 900,000 businesses and growing!

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